Meet Nebojsa

Nebojša Zelenović is the current mayor of the City of Šabac in Serbia. Šabac is a city in North-Western Serbia of about 120.000 inhabitants. It lies on the right bank of the river Sava.

He was born on June 15, 1975 in Šabac. He is a graduate lawyer by profession.

He started working in the administration of the Elementary School “Stojan Novaković” in Šabac, after which he became Head of the Department for Social Services and Economy of the Local Government. For a year he was also the Director of the Mačva District Branch of the National Health Insurance Fund, and Group Coordinator for the Promotion and Prevention of Public Health for the City of Sabac.

He was a young political activist and member of the first opposition party in Serbia, the Democratic Party, which spearheaded the democratic changes in Serbia in 2000.

In 2012. he was elected Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. He served as a Member of Parliament until 2014.
In 2013, he joined a new Parliamentary group “Together for Serbia” dedicated to decentralization and stronger regional and local government autonomy.

Since he became Mayor of Šabac, the strategic priorities of the city are based on implementing European values.

In 2016, he was elected Mayor by the citizens of Šabac. The same year, he also became the President of the political party 'Together for Serbia'.

Since he became Mayor of Šabac, the strategic priorities of the city are based on implementing European values and measures to guarantee the Rule of Law, the support of social security for the citizens, and the development of citizen participation in decision making processes. As Mayor, Nebojša Zelenović introduced "Participatory Budgeting” making Šabac the first city in Serbia to empower citizens to decide how public funds collected from property tax will be spent. More than100 thousand adult citizens from 60 rural and suburban local communities were able to vote on referendums deciding on projects financed by property tax funds in 2017.

Since Šabac is known for its rich cultural history, the city government under Neboja Zelenović is dedicated to supporting cultural projects. Šabac is giving 7% of the budget to the cultural sector of the city, which is the highest in the country.

Also, Sabac is the only city in Serbia with energy efficiency policy and ecological programs for waste management and environmental protection throughout its territory.

On November 6, Nebojša Zelenović was invited to address the Members of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. He gave a speech during the debate on “Mayors under Pressure”. He spoke on behalf of a small minority of Serbian mayors not belonging to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) of President Aleksandar Vučić. He called the attention of European mayors to the continuing breaches of the European Charter of Local Self-Government in Serbia and the pressures local governments and communities are enduring by the central government and ruling party in Serbia.

Nebojša Zelenović is an avid cyclist, swimmer and dedicated to environmental issues. In his youth he played football for Mačva, AIK, Rudar, as well as the University football team “Studentski grad”. At the time he was a student of the Law Faculty of the University of Belgrade where he soon got his university degree as a lawyer, and left football.

He speaks English and Russian.

He is married to Nina Zelenović. They have three children.